A modern business phone system awaits.

Communicate at a higher level and stay connected

So many ways to connect with your office.

Provide employee access to your business number at anytime.

Transfer old phone numbers

Bring existing landline phone numbers to this system

Get a local or 800 number

Get a new local or toll free number for your office

Answer calls while away

Hot swap a call from your desk phone to cell while on it

Receive business text messages

Send & receive texts to a business main or secondary line

Video chat with employees

See an issue from staff's phone while they are remote

Find All Past Business Related SMS Text Messages in One Place

No more having customers text a employee's phone directly. They can text his/her mobile app number which can be transferred to others.
Track Text Messages
A female leasing manager at peace after using the Envoy Voice phone system.

Block Unwanted Numbers or Callers

Adding Blocked Numbers

To block a number, log into your portal, click "Blocked Numbers", then just click add and enter the number

Transfer to *255

Phone users transfer an unwanted call to *255 to prevent the phone number from calling again

Help Your Team Win

Start Winning

Never Miss Incoming Leads

Even if a call is missed, everyone relevant will be notified and aware if the call was returned or not

Extend Your Teams Capabilities

Employees can be in two places at once by transferring an office call while on a walkthrough

Route Emergency Calls Fast

Rotate on call staff emergency line calls between staff with a click of a button or schedule

Select Your Favorite Phones to Purchase or Rent

A full suite of essential features.

Desktop App

Conveniently instant message, sms, place calls or video chat from a PC.


Business app integrations like Microsoft Teams, Salesforce & Zapier

Tech Support

Enjoy peace of mind with unlimited local tech support by Envoy Voice

A female leasing agent using the Broadvoice phone system.


See monthly reports of calls incoming and outgoing with contact center

A screenshot of the analytics module in the Broadvoice desktop app.

File & Screen Sharing

Video chat in a meeting and even share files or your screen with others

Agent Pipeline

Send calls to leasing agents in a round robin rotation to share workloads

Call Rotation

Efficiently distribute calls among your team during or after hours

Male and female contact center agents in a call rotation.

Audio Conferencing

Host crystal-clear audio conferences with staff, vendors or tenants


Customizable voicemail keeps important messages accessible.

Instant Message

Real-time chat for quick, efficient team communication.

Desktop App

Convenient access for enhanced productivity.


Streamline workflows with business app integrations.

Tech Support

Enjoy peace of mind with unlimited tech support.


Data-driven decisions through detailed communication insights.

Audio Conferencing

Clear audio meetings, bridging location gaps.

Video Conferencing

High-quality face-to-face meetings for visual communication.

File & Screen Sharing

Effortless file and screen sharing for collaboration.

Agent Pipeline

Manage communication flow efficiently for better interactions.

Call Rotation

Evenly distribute calls among your team.

Call Blocking

Control incoming calls for better call management.

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